Caribana 2017
Caribana, the largest celebration of Caribbean culture in North America celebrated it's 50th anniversary this year. Thousands of attendees from across Canada, America and the Caribbean took to the streets Toronto's Exhibition Place to dance and party to the sounds of soca and reggae. Masqueraders wore vibrant face paint and ornate feathered costumes. The music along with the atmosphere was pulsating and exuberant. Toronto should be proud that it is able to host such a unique cultural event and that it's carried on for half a century. 
Umbrella Movement
Hong Kong, China. In 2014, students in Hong Kong mobilized a movement which would shut down commerce within parts of the city between 26,September to 15,December 2014. The protesters were out in the tens of thousands to fight against Beijing's changes to Hong Kong's democracy. Over the months they occupied areas in Mong Kok and Admiralty, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The police ended up firing tear gas at the protesters which they hoped would quash their movement, to the authorities surprise, it only galvanized their resolve. Since the end of the mass protests, Beijing has forced itself into Hong Kong politics and effectively removed the democratic electoral process from Hongkongers.
It All Falls Down
Photos taken in various cities in China. China's modernization is happening at lightning pace. Overnight, an entire neighborhood can be demolished. This rapid change within cities is seen, by some, as a welcome change and and a source of pride. Others see it as a land grab for the government to capitalize on the populations new found wealth.
Kashgar Livestock Market
Kashgar, Xinjiang, China. The Kashgar Livestock Market is said to be the largest of it's kind in Asia. Traders flock to the dusty outskirts of Kashgar to buy and sell anything from sheep, cows, horses to camels.
Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Due to the supposed expansion of a fruit market nearby, a neighborhood was zoned to be razed. The residents fought for over 30 years to stop the Kaohsiung government from evicting them from their homes. The residents claim the government did not offer enough incentive and monetary compensation for them to move. Many residents had lived in the area for 60 years.
The Pillage
Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Taiwan has one of the largest fishing industries in Asia. It exports the majority of it's produce to China and America. Tuna is one of it's most lucrative fish stocks. Over-fishing and disputes over territories within countries in Asia has caused fish stocks on a global scale to decline.
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